Below are some of the things that I have made from sounds. You can buy them if you like (I'd like that). You can also visit the Owltextures Bandcamp page and listen to them there.
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Postage for any number of CDs (even a million) is £1.50 to the UK, £2.50 to Europe and £3.50 to everywhere else in the universe*.


This is an album of autumn things. There's all kinds of stuff inside it - gales and sunlight, leaves and ghosts, frost and dust. That was the general plan, anyway - it may or may not have worked.

What else? Oh, the CD comes in a sleeve which has been lovingly handcrafted from recycled cardboard and old leaves, with a lyric sheet + a download code. Digital downloads can also be bought separately on Bandcamp.

"Out of time in a fuzzy land both familiar and strange, gentle melodies enchant like Laudanum..."
Eliza Muddle, Collapse Board.

"Her roots go deeper...a sure-footed romanticism that knows the precise path through the marshes..."
Dave Thompson, Goldmine Magazine.

"It has a curiously English melancholy and haunted soul quite out of step with the modern world and pleasingly so."
Grey Malkin, The Active Listener.

"The music is haunting...this is a really good album. Highly recommended!"
Steve Palmer, Terrascope.

"...makes quick business of grasping your imagination, as well as your attention."
MS, Santa Sangre Magazine. [article includes interview]

PRICE = £6.00


A collaboration between Emily Jones and The Rowan Amber Mill ( a collection of original songs and faked soundtrack extracts based on imaginary folk horror films from the sixties and seventies.

CD comes with a lyric sheet, in a proper digipak and everything. Downloads can also be bought separately on Bandcamp.

There is an accompanying website with more details at WWW.THEBOOKOFTHELOST.CO.UK.

"...romantic folk narratives with a dark-woods chill of pastoral melancholy. The die-cut limited edition (containing lobby cards for each film) is particularly lovely."
Andrew Male, MOJO.

" utterly spellbinding CD soundtrack for the show that never was...ten tracks that drift as darkly, or blaze as fiercely as any of the action they might dream of accompanying...a slice of dark-dreamy lost and lovely psych, with Jonesís marvelous voice a wraith-like presence that is both childlike and ageless."
Dave Thompson, Goldmine Magazine.

" alchemy of classic English horror enthralling, deliciously disturbing album."
Tim Carroll, Folkwords.

"Pastiching aside, all projects of this kind depend upon the quality of the music, and the folk-inflected songs here are very good, as is the Book of the Lost theme itself..."
John Coulthart, Fueilleton.

PRICE = £6.00


The first of a series of EPs recorded with Miss Angeline Morrison of The Ambassadors of Sorrow. We have a separate website at WWW.EMILYANDANGELINE.CO.UK should you wish to investigate further (you can sign up to our mailing list there too).

Comes in a simple, but beauteous, cardboard sleeve, with a lyric sheet. Digital downloads can be bought on Bandcamp.

"Sheer loveliness...two songs apiece, played, recorded and sung in exquisite harmony...beautiful but dangerous, like thereís something going on round here, but you donít know what it is."
Dave Thompson, Goldmine Magazine.

"Modern, dreamily hazy and highly addictive acid folk. Wistful and melancholic at times but always with a subtle warmth and gentleness, there is genuine sense of magic and wonder in these songs...Make sure to hear this; these songs from the doll's house are both lovingly crafted and hugely affecting."
Grey Malkin, The Active Listener.

"I know Phil is a particular fan of Emilyís wordsmithery and songwriting, and on this, their charming, self-titled EP ("the blue one") they create with voices, guitar, autoharp, xyls, glocks and piano a quartet of oddly beautiful songs...lovely harmonised vocals."
Steve Palmer, Terrascope.

PRICE = £4.00

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* Now I've said that, it'd be just my luck if someone from Alpha Centauri suddenly ordered a trillion copies of each of them...not sure what the Royal Mail would charge for that, but it would almost certainly be more than a fiver.